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Crystal Drop Tower

The hotel project was developed as part of a comprehensive project for the reconstruction of the port of Yalta (city in Ukraine). The building has an appearance in the form of a spindle or a drop (it was named after it). Inside it has a hollow space in the form of a classic tower turned inside out. The tower should become a new symbol of Yalta, personifying its rebirth.

The building should be located on the site of the old Yalta lighthouse, in the center of the port harbor and on the axis of boulevards descending from the city to the embankment. The tower occupies a central location in the complex of buildings proposed by us for the reconstruction of the port.

Comprehensive reconstruction implies large-scale works, a series of buildings and structures related in meaning and purpose, in one style key. The project was exhibited at the international summit in Yalta, approved by the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Crimea and the Chief Architect of Yalta.

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