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Easter Egg Tower

This project was developed as an architectural symbol of Ukraine for the international eVolo competition. Its functional content can be varied - from the exhibition complex to the hotel.

The project is original and atypical, it has a number of competitive advantages and features. During its construction, ecological and recycled materials are used (the outer tube structure is made of recycled aircraft aluminum, and the inner one is made of railway cariiages). The inner shaft of the building is made in the form of a classic bell tower turned inside out (along the perimeter of which a spiral staircase is descended). In its center a large chandelier hangs at the top, and there is a two-level restaurant with a revolving hall above it, under the very dome.


In the hotel version, all rooms are arranged in a circle, each has its own balcony or access to the inner glass shell of the building. For glazing, it is proposed to use Pinkerton technology - self-washable nano-coated glass. The location was chosen on the banks of the Dnipro river near the Paton Bridge (Kyiv).

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