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Kozin Eco Golf Club

The building of the Eco Golf Club in Kozin (a suburb of Kyiv) was designed using modular technology. Eco-structure of the area was fully preserved and the Golf Club unobtrusively fitted into the existing landscape. Modular assembly, perforated HPL facades and geo-screw foundations made it possible to plant a 600 m² building on a site while preserving the existing trees inside and outside its contour.

The functional structure of the building is quiete simple. A visitor enters the lobby, from where there is the possibility of direct access to the store, changing rooms and the restaurant. The restaurant has access to panoramic terraces near a river bank. A separate block is dedicated to the VIP-zone, which has access to the restaurant and to its terraces.


The modular technology made it possible to plant the building on a complex relief with a high level of groundwater, preserving the root systems of trees and trees themselves. They suited the building spot and became the decoration of the building, giving visitors the opportunity to admire the trees in the open "Japanese gardens" behind panoramic glass.

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