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Kozin Eco Golf Club

The interior of the club building of the Kozin Eco Golf Club is made in a minimalism style, taking into account the modular technologies used in the building itself and the requirements for this type of building. Veneered wall panels, floor-to-ceiling windows, doors without platbands, used environmentally friendly materials - stone, porcelain stoneware, chipboard panels, glass, metal - all materials are strictly selected and stylistically linked to each other.

The setting here is designed to give the visitor maximum convenience and service, to show him how important he is to the establishment, and to make his stay as comfortable as possible. Skylight windows and open conservatories with trees are designed to give the maximum amount of light, a feeling of being in nature. Winter gardens with trees, in addition to an aesthetic load, are also functional - they preserve existing trees.


Large open terraces of the restaurant give visitors the opportunity to admire the opening picturesque landscapes of the golf course across the river. There is also the possibility of direct access to the river. For visitors, who wish to sit in the evening by the fire on the terrace, there is a campfire site located as close to the river as possible.

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