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Mallow Island Floating Villa

During the development of the architecture of the floating houses of this community, we thought about their internal space, which is important, especially when it comes to planning and style decisions. Therefore, proposed concept of the exterior of an expensive yacht was moved inward to give a person a complete sense of comfort and standard of living on the yacht. The modern concept of housing "My home is my hotel" has found its natural reflection here.

Panoramic and sliding windows give an opportunity to admire the water surface, teak deck of a terrace that flows into the premises, ceilings with tires, illuminators in a lacquered veneer wall, a yacht leaf-shaped dining table, kitchen furniture, a yacht staircase in a glass cylinder - everything in the interior is designed to give a person feeling the full reality of being on a yacht.


In addition to the style binding to an expensive yacht, the house also has a whole life support system and new technologies: the bottom of the pool, which turns into a terrace (without draining the water), an automatic retractable ladder to the roof, a balancing system, a “smart home” system, solar panels, the SPERS system.

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