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Seventh Heaven Tower

It's a competition project for eVolo. The structure of the office building is made of a double-circuit shell and has a four-leaf shape in the plan. The shape of the building is based on natural forms: the silhouette of the building looks like a sprout, the outer tubular contour of the building is based on the symbiosis of the structure of the dragonfly's wing and the reticular structure of the leaf.

The main idea of ​​this building is its environmental friendliness: the room is saturated with air through four large greenhouses with a juniper at the foot of the building (on the same level with the ground) by natural air draft arising from the structural features of the building. Thus, the premises receive fresh and fragrant air, free from dust and harmful bacteria.


Other advantages of this project include self-cleaning glass with Pinkerton nano-coating, wind turbines and collection of rain in special tanks on each floor for technical use.

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