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Simferopol International Airport

The Cabinet of Ministers of Crimea set the task to create such an appearance of the new airport, which could become a new landmark of the city, an architectural pearl of Crimea. As a result, a concept was born based on the symbiosis of biomorphic forms - the shape of a stingray bent over a pearl and an open sea shell, inside which there is a pearl. Moreover, the second half of the shell should appear in the reflection of the reservoir (under which there is an underground parking) when a person drives up to the airport along the central road.

At that time, the proposed form of the building and its volume (50,000 m²) met the urgent needs of the peninsula and were designed for the increasing flow of tourists. The German company Lufthansa was supposed to deal with the working project and the technical part.


Comprehensive reconstruction involves large-scale work, a series of buildings and structures related in meaning and purpose. The project was exhibited at the international summit in Yalta, approved by the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Crimea.

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